SES Techcom is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SES and a long-standing partner for institutional customers such as the European Commission and ESA. We leverage our expertise in managing complex system integration projects to deliver on initiatives such as quantum communication infrastructure, navigation, defence and security, and humanitarian and disaster response.

SES Techcom develops and delivers innovative and tailored end-to-end satellite-enabled solutions and services to governmental, institutional and supranational partners and customers.


  • Broad experience with publicly funded technology development programs, including European standards and processes
  • Expertise in advanced technologies and innovative satellite-based services
  • Strong and recognized institutional program management skills for large and complex programs
  • SES Techcom is ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.
  • Complex public procurement experience with a large network of partners from different EU member states
  • Customer-oriented sales and engineering teams focused on results
  • A trustful relationship with European Institutions, ESA, national delegations and governments
  • European pioneer in satellite-based Quantum Key Distribution enabled through the leading role in QUARTZ program since 2018
  • Developed key innovative technologies in the frame of the future European Commission GOVSATCOM services
  • Strong partnership with Luxembourg Government for emergency disaster response solutions
  • Operator of the de-facto UN standard for disaster response communication solution


SES Techcom delivers projects and services for a variety of innovative game-changing initiatives, ranging from the space-based Quantum Key Distribution to GOVSATCOM and Galileo. In the governmental communication domain, SES Techcom has a proven track record in the management and delivery of the GOVSATCOM Precursor PACIS-1 pooling and sharing project. We are also a key enabler for a number of the Luxembourg government’s satellite-enabled projects that aim to connect remote locations. These projects include satellite-enabled telemedicine platform SATMED and