Joined by InCert, itrust consulting, LuxConnect, LuxTrust and SnT, the SES-driven consortium will develop satellite-terrestrial infrastructure and the roadmap for wider European integration, setting the path for next-generation cybersecurity .. SEE MORE

Field-proven platform played a critical role in supporting healthcare personnel during Covid-19 and Ebola crises; will be further scaled to serve more users in cooperation with governmental organisations, multilateral health agencies and civil society organisations.. SEE MORE

In this podcast, guest interviewer Milbank's Nick Swinburne speaks with Alan Kuresevic, Managing Director (CEO) at SES Techcom, who accepted a Better Satellite World Award on behalf of SES in December 2020 in recognition of its SATMED Satellite-based Telemedicine Platform. .. SEE MORE

Luxembourg Extends Framework Contract until 2026
The Luxembourg government has extended the joint initiative, a public-private partnership with the companies SES Techcom (a subsidiary 100% owned by SES) and HITEC Luxembourg S.A., in collaboration with Luxembourg Air Ambulance, for six years... SEE MORE

SES Announces 10 Project Partners in QUARTZ Satellite Cybersecurity Consortium
SES-led consortium will see leading European research and business organisations jointly develop next generation satellite-based cybersecurity system.. SEE MORE

SES Provides Managed Services for Galileo
Luxembourg, 30 May 2018 -- SES will provide a series of services for the Galileo European navigation system under a long-term agreement signed with Spaceopal, SES announced today. The contract is part of the Galileo Service Operator (GSOp) framework agreement between Spaceopal - a joint venture between Telespazio and DLR GfR mbH - and the European Global Navigation Satellite System Agency (GSA)... SEE MORE

ESA and SES-led Consortium to Develop Satellite-based Cybersecurity
Consortium will develop a system for generation of encryption keys in space and their secure transmission via laser.. SEE MORE

SES and ESA Set Up New Government Satcom Platform
Pacis-1 agreement will leverage governmental and commercial satellite services to provide secure and guaranteed access to satellite communications for governments... SEE MORE